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Every year we select a charity to help with fundraising and support that is close to our hearts. This year we have selected Headway Essex – Headway works to improve life after a brain injury and provides rehabilitative care to survivors of a brain injury.

In Winter 2015, our good friend Michael Gates received a terrible news that he was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour at the age of 31. Michael undergone brain surgery to remove the tumour and radiotherapy treatment and is now on the long road to recovery. As a result of the brain tumour and treatment Michael has incurred Nystagmus in his left eye resulting in reduced vision and depth perception which affects his balance and co-ordination.

Headway Essex have been supporting Michael throughout the rehabilitation and been getting him on the road to recovery. The charity’s story starts over 30 years ago started by an occupational therapist as a support group once a month within the old St Mary’s hospital – today headway has its own centre in Colchester to provides support for up to 82 places a week.

Learn more about Headway Essex by visiting headwayessex.org.uk

Over the year Horizon Construction London will support Michael in his fund-raising efforts for Headway Essex and undertake several charity events to raise awareness and money for this great charity.

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